"A privileged point of view"

A few words about me

As I always say to my couples, being a wedding photographer allows you to see things from a privileged point of view.

You are not just taking pictures; you are sharing important, emotional, and very private moments of people’s lives. And you are not on the sidelines, you are in the front line, and you have to be there if you want to give your couples what they are looking for; to frame their love story.

Beside all the technical skills and experience with the camera, lenses and flashes, this is what matter the most: get involved humanly and emotionally. This is what I love most about being an exclusive wedding photographer.

Another benefit is being able to do my job while travelling and being fortunate enough to capture beautiful people in incredible places, building unforgettable memories every time and everywhere.

"Capturing beautiful people in incredible places"

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about one of your most important day, it’s always good to speak to someone and share your thoughts, doubts and ideas.
Sometimes, a few words help you find out the answers you’ve been looking for hours around the net.

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