Here below you can find a list of questions which can be useful to better understand how I usually deal with wedding photo sessions and related issues.

What’s your photographic style? We would like “natural-looking” photos …

Many photographers like to define their styles as “reportage” or “photo-journalism” (that is, taking photos when the subject is not posing). But in my opinion this is not really the case with wedding photography.

Planning is absolutely necessary at a wedding, because weddings often have a tight schedule, and the photographer’s aim is that of “creating good memories” of each key moment of the day.

It is more appropriate to say that we “prefer” to capture those moments in the most natural and spontaneous way, in order to bring out the uniqueness and spontaneity of the bride and the groom and their guests. But I know from experience that in some photographs the subjects will pose and the action will be planned.

So, what I can say about my style, is that I prefer spontaneous pics, but I don’t disdain posing subjects.

Black and white or color?

As you know, photography is now digital. This means that cameras store photos on a memory card and each photo can be processed in the photographers’ studio with specific software.

This processing (post-production) further brings out the style of a photographer. Not only can he correct any imperfections in exposure, framing, white balance, or definition, but he can also modify colors according to his taste.

Post-production, as far as I am concerned, is different for each and every wedding, as it depends on the location, the quality of light on that day, the set, the style of the bride and the groom, etc.

That said, I personally use color photographs a lot, but I like to choose black and white for some shots, when I want to highlight some details which would be less visible in a color photograph.

Generally speaking, however, black and white photos will be fewer than color photos.

How many photos do you take at a wedding? How many are you going to you give us?

As previously mentioned, each Wedding Day is different, with different schedules, durations, rites, guests, entertainment and so on. In my experience I’ve taken part in weddings which lasted 4 days, while others just took half a day.

On average, in a day (from morning till night), I take about 2,500 / 3,000 photos. With the help of my assistant, 4,000 and more.

There is not a fixed quantity of processed photos that you will get, certainly not fewer than 300/400. I select the best photos by discarding all the duplicates and picking out the best one. I also discard the photos with technical imperfections (out of focus, overly / under exposed, etc.) and the ones which are not very meaningful. I process all the remaining “good” ones.

All the photos are digital, high-resolution and print-ready. I’ll provide you with a digital link from which you can easily view or download them. The link will be active for a limited period of time. But don’t worry: before I remove the link, I’ll contact you to check if you have downloaded the photos.

How long will it take to get the photos?

As you know, couples generally marry between April and October. This is a very busy time for me and I don’t have much time to devote to post-production. That’s why delivery time can vary from 1 month to max. 6 months.

Of course I always do my best not to keep you waiting longer than strictly necessary. Only in very few cases a couple has had to wait for more than 5 months.

Can’t we get a photo album of our wedding?

Sure! I rely on professionals with a long experience in the printing of wedding albums. You just choose the type of album and the number of photos. The price will be calculated separately according to your choices.

Is it important for you to be informed on how the wedding will take place?

I’d rather say it’s vital!

I need to be familiar with the whole organization and above all with the approximate time of the key moments of the day.

I often work in close contact with the wedding planner who is in charge of the whole organization. This can guarantee a good coverage of the event.

Being informed is also vital because sometimes timing is binding (family photos after the ceremony, before or during reception, just to give some examples). And above all I need to know what is important for you to immortalize.

Here are some examples:
– you want to have photos of some guests who are particularly dear to you;
– You have planned a “special” bouquet launch;
– You are going to turn up at the reception in a spectacular way;
– You want to take photos with the bridesmaids before the ceremony
… and so on. The list is infinite and these examples are not invented: they really happened to me.

When we share this kind of information, sometimes we realize that something is not going to work the way we planned. In this case I can help you or your wedding planner to find an alternative solution.

Do you only work in your area? Or are you willing to travel to other destinations? What other languages can you speak beside Italian?

I’m constantly traveling around the world. My work experience as a photographer began with weddings abroad and has been going on ever since. I am fluent in English and Spanish.

The shooting cost does not include travel expenses, which can easily be calculated once the wedding program is defined.

For how many hours are you available at a wedding?

I’ll be there (if possible together with my assistant) for the entire duration of the wedding. From the bride and groom dressing up to the cutting of the wedding cake. It generally takes around 8 hours.
Normally, after the cutting of the cake, there’s not much else to photograph, but I can stay longer, if you want. Just let me know in advance.
Last but not least, do not forget to give the photographer a meal! We don’t need much, but something good and warm to eat will certainly help us work better.

How much does a photography service cost? Are we supposed to pay a deposit?

The cost of the service may vary according to your requirements. For example: sometimes I need a second photographer (or an assistant) to take photos at the reception while I work with the newlyweds; sometimes there’s a dinner party the day before the wedding, or a brunch with the families the day after the wedding and the newlyweds want photos of those events too. Factors like these affect the costs of the photography service.

As soon as I get detailed information about the wedding, I can give you an accurate quotation for the service.

Yes, you are supposed to pay a deposit.
It’s a form of “booking” the photographer for the date of the wedding. As you know, weddings are planned well in advance and it often happens to a photographer to give up a service because the date is already booked. So, if the date is then cancelled or postponed, I reserve the right to withhold the deposit as a form of compensation.

I work with my assistant and nobody else, so we can accept no more than one wedding a day.

Will you publish our photos on your website?

This is another question which needs a preamble. The only way I have to show how I work to couples who want to engage me as their Wedding Photographer, is to show them photographs of other weddings. This is the only form of advertising for a Wedding Photographer.

In the agreement we sign up, I will ask for your permission to publish some of your photos on my website and/or on photography magazines or blogs.

That’s how I’ve had my photographs published on, Huffington Post, Inside Weddings, Travel Channel, and more, which is a sign of distinction and quality.

I will personally choose the photos to publish, with a careful and meditated selection, and I will ask for a final confirmation before actually publishing them.

If you don’t give your permission, I might decide to give up the service. As I said, this is the only way I have to promote my professional activity.

For any other questions, feel free to contact me via email at