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I’m a Destination Wedding Photographer but I’m also a designer, a husband and father of two children. I’m a curious person, but at the same time I’m quite reserved. I’ve got a passion for all that belongs to the world of visual art.

I was born in a small village in Veneto, a region the North East of Italy. I feel a deep bond with my land, because it’s taught me simplicity. I’ve experienced simplicity in the beauty of landscapes and in the genuineness of people, in the cheerful noise of village fairs and in the peace and quiet of river banks. All this is like Poetry to me, and I always keep it with me, wherever I go. Like a mantra.

In my experience as a Wedding Photographer, there’s one thing I can recognize in each and every wedding ceremony – either in a secret garden in Marrakech, or on the banks of the Congo River in Brazzaville, or in a Chateau in Cannes. At times it’s brighter, at times it’s dimmer, but it’s always there. It’s that sense of authenticity which I’ve learned from my land of origin.

Sometimes you feel it straight away in the people around you, sometimes it appears little by little, some other times it spreads around because you are the one who shares it with somebody else or vice versa.

And when it’s there, it’s magic… Expressions are brighter, movements are more harmonious and the whole atmosphere is more charming.

This is what I love in weddings and this is what I want to capture and tell with my camera.

As for how I do that, I’ll tell you later.

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